Scientists have successfully connected the human brain to the Internet for the first time in history.

Successfully connecting the human brain to the global Internet is a new technological breakthrough made by a team of scientists from Wits University in South Africa.

This research project, called “Brainternet” (combining Brain and Internet), will turn your brain into …

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White nanowood materials have the potential to become special insulation capabilities

Engineers from the University of Maryland have created a new insulator material, compared to porous or air-silica form, this new material can prevent temperatures higher than 100 degrees Celsius. It is also 30 times more insulation than styrofoam and seems …

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The robot is equipped with two arms that help harvest cucumbers

Humans have to work a lot in extreme weather conditions, on cucumber farms in India and Eastern Europe. To save costs, time, and manpower, Fraunhofer collaborated with German and Spanish researchers to complete a cucumber harvest project with field experiments, …

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How to Quickly Disable Annoying Notifications on the iPhone, iPad lock screen

In general, when you want to turn off notifications from an app, you need to open the Settings app, select Notifications, then find the app, and turn off notifications of that app. On iOS, Apple also offers another feature that

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Create a free, super easy and professional website right on smartphone with Weebly

You don’t need to learn any web programming courses, just smartphones and Weebly apps are done.

Today, creating a simple personal website or selling goods is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Mostly thanks to the online …

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How to create and use unique name tag creation on Instagram

The feature has recently been launched by Instagram, and this is the way to use it.

In a recent update, Instagram has just provided a personal customization feature called Nametag (Name Card). Basically, this feature is similar to QR code …

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Two economic scenarios for the impact of coronavirus on the US

In the worst scenario, if the Covid-19 epidemic continues to spread, the US economy will be seriously disrupted, causing a full-fledged recession.

As the corona-virus spreads, stock prices have been in free fall. Since its peak in February in 2020, …

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