Guide to Using Your Text Tool in Adesign

The text tool in Adesign can be used for adding text to photos, creating text for websites, adding text to backgrounds, and much more. In this guide, I will show you how to use the text tool in Adesign. You can open a photo you want to use, or you can create a blank canvas to work on. Either one will work for this guide. Opening Your Text Tool in Adesign Your first step to using the text tool in Adesign is to open it. To open the text tool, click the T icon in the toolbar on the left. Then click the canvas or photo to open it. Once you click your mouse, you will see the text box open. Creating Your Text in Adesign Your next step is to create your text. In the text box, you will need to delete the word Text in the text field. Then you can type your text in the text field. Once your text is there, you can highlight the text and make changes to the color, font, and other options in this box. You have many options for your text in the text box. You can rotate the text, change the color of the text, change the font of the text, and more. Use the tools in the text box to make your changes. The text will have to be highlighted to make most of the changes. To rotate the text, you will need to use the Orientation section. In this section, you can enter the number for the angle, or you can turn the dot on the wheel. If you slide your text box to the right side of your program, you can see what you are doing, while you are doing it. When you are ready to insert the text, you can click the OK button and it will be inserted. If you need to move your text to somewhere else, you can do so by dragging it with your mouse. Simply click the text with your mouse and drag it to where you want it and let go of the mouse.

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