How To Make Fast Slideshow Videos Using The TikTok Templates

If you’re looking for a way to make your slideshow videos more interesting and stand out amongst the competition, then check out these TikTok templates. They are easy to use and provide you with many features like customizable text, various effects, and different transitions that are sure to impress anybody. Plus, they’re free! So what are you waiting for?

With just a few simple clicks, you can set up this template in no time at all. But if you want to go into more detail and customize it even further, then follow this guide on how to add your own text, upload an image or video on top of the template’s background, use interactive quizzes or interact with the audience using stickers.

How To Make Fast Slideshow Videos Using The TikTok Templates.

How To Make Fast Slideshow Videos Using The TikTok Templates


TikTok, a video-sharing app that was previously only available in the Apple App Store, has now been released on Android devices. Now anyone can share and publish short videos to their favourite social media platform. With this release comes the ability to make slideshow videos with just a few taps and swipes on your device.

While these templates are free, they also come with plenty of features that will help you stand out as an expert in your niche industry. There are different transitions, effects and even interactive quizzes that you can use to keep your audience engaged and entertained. All you have to do is set up the template, tinker with all of its different settings and voilà, you’ve got yourself one heck of a marketing tool!


Download and Set Up The TikTok Templates 

  1. Download the file by clicking here.
  2. Open the zip folder and locate the two folders, “TikTok Templates” and “TikTok Template”.
  3. Extract the contents of each folder individually (by right-clicking on it and choosing “Extract All”).
  4. Open your project in Adobe Photoshop (.psd).
  5. Import one of the templates into your project by going to File > Place and placing it on your background layer. You can then adjust the template’s size, position, shape, etc., using the transform tool at the top of Photoshop’s toolbar. If you want to create a customized version of one of these templates, read this article for instructions on how to upload an image or video on top of this template’s background image (read down until you find instructions for adding text).
  6. Once you’ve set up your slideshow video, save it as a .tid file in your project’s Assets folder by going to File > Save As… Choose a location like Resources/Assets and save that new file with a name like MySlideshowVideo01_2018-05-24-00:11:32_000000_


Add Your Own Text

The TikTok templates come with text that is already set up. If you want to add your own text, simply click the “Text” button in the top right corner of your screen. This will open up a pop-up where you can type in the text you want to use and then save it.


How To Add Your Own Text To The TikTok Template.


Upload Your Own Image Or Video On Top Of The Background

  1. Open your profile, go to the “Features” tab, and click “Add Your Own Image”.
  2. Find the image you want to use and drag it onto the template’s background.
  3. Give your photo or video a name and hit save.
  4. You can now add text or stickers to your photo or video by clicking on the text box that appears just above where you uploaded your image or video and typing whatever text you want in there, including scrolling text!


Customize The Effects To Match Your Slideshow

The first thing you’ll need to do is open the template. When it opens, you should see a green progress bar that runs along the bottom of the video and a place where you can drag and drop in your content. If you want to customize the effects, this is where you would do so.

You will find different icons for everything from text effects to transitions and more. Just click on the icon that you want to use and then type in your desired text into the box that pops up. You’ll notice that each effect has different options for what each letter can be used for; this allows for more creativity with your slide show!

If you’re feeling ambitious, try adding an interactive quiz or even using stickers to interact with your audience! It’s easy with these templates–just follow this guide on how to add your own text, upload an image or video on top of the template’s background, use interactive quizzes or interact with the audience using stickers.


Choose Which Type Of Transitions You Want To Apply.

To start, select the type of transition you want to apply. You have access to various transitions that can give your video a professional and polished look.

Next, select the method you want to use for adding text. There are two methods available: Add Text After or Add Text On Top. These methods can be used in conjunction with one another or independently.

The next step is to choose a background color. This will give your video an overall feel, but it can also help make your text stand out against the background by choosing a contrasting color.

Once you’ve chosen the desired colors and written your text, it’s time to add your content onto this framework. To do so, just choose whether or not you want to add a title and choose what kind of sticker you’d like to add on top of the frame.

Finally, save this template and use it when needed!


Interact With Audience Using Stickers.

A great way to make your slideshow video stand out is by involving the audience in it. With these TikTok templates, you can do this in a variety of ways. For example, you can use stickers to interact with your audience and offer them something special. This will make sure that they are more engaged and interested in what you have to say.

If you want to take your audience on a virtual journey with you, then try adding interactive quizzes or use interactive stickers like the ones provided in this guide to interact with them in unique ways.



If you are looking for an easy way to create slideshow videos, then TikTok is the perfect option for you. The app has a variety of editing templates and the editing process is quick and simple. If you need to create professional looking slideshow videos, then the templates may not be for you. If you want to make quick and easy videos that can be shared, then this is the app for you.

TikTok can be used as a standalone app or as part of an event like a live stream. You can also showcase your creations on your social media channels, which can lead to an increase in followers and fans.

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