Transfer Your Pokemon Soul Silver To Pokemon Gold

The Pokemon soul silver and soul gold editions, which are sequels to the 1999 Game Boy Color role-playing video game series, are very different in many respects. Both are efforts to recreate the addictive qualities of this specific type of game that helped it achieve such popularity during its heyday. However, how can you determine which is which? We’ll go through how to reset Pokemon soul silver emulator and how to erase a save file from the game.
Pokemon soul silver is mainly based on the Crystal edition of the Pokemon games, but certain changes exist, which I’ll discuss below. To begin, it introduces a fresh new shiny feature for each, resulting in a much more interesting gameplay experience than many prior Pokemon games. However, the shiny new feature has little effect on overall gameplay, and many people have remarked that the lack of distinction in the shiny feature of Pokemon soul silver is just aesthetic. In Pokemon soul silver, there is no discernible distinction between shiny and non-shiny Pokemon. You can simply swap between them using the turn counter, so you won’t lose out on anything by owning a shiny Pokemon.
This leads me to my next issue, which is that utilizing your Pokemon on your Pokemon soul will not allow you to move between areas in Pokemon soul silver. This is due of the way the game is coded. I’ll elaborate.

Transfer Your Pokemon Soul Silver To Pokemon Gold
When you complete the game in a certain area, you’ll unlock that region’s master trainer. When you travel the globe unlocking other trainers’ Pokemon, however, they will be unable to travel from their area to yours. You will be allowed to go to other areas after your training time in that region has over. Additionally, since the Pokemon soul games rely on version number differences to identify the location of each Pokemon in the game, you will be unable to access any Pokemon from Pokemon soul silver that was not published.
This results in one of the most common criticisms with Pokemon Soul silver. Many people are miffed that the game lacks shiny Pokemon, and with cause. It would have been great to have a method to secure your shiny Pokemon while you weren’t playing the game. This is clearly difficult due to the game’s code, but fortunately there is a very simple workaround. I’ll discuss it in a moment.
If you wish to transfer your Pokemon between Soul Silver and Soul Gold, you must first learn how to do it. This is really very simple. Rather of switching between Pokemon games, you can really clone your Pokemon from Pokemon soul silver to Pokemon soul gold. This is not so difficult that you will fail, but it is not so simple that you will be able to defeat the machine in Pokemon games.
To transfer your Pokemon, you must first enable the transfer option in Pokemon soul silver. After that, your Pokemon will show on your computer, where you may then transfer them across Pokemon games. This is probably the simplest method of transferring your Pokemon, although it is dependent on the quality of your connection, the number of Pokemon in your team, and the number of others attempting to transfer you.
If you wish to transfer your Pokemon, all you have to do is save your game first. Then restore your old save and create a new one. Now, re-save your game. This time, load the previous save, but make no further changes. Your Pokemon will appear on your new cartridge due to the fact that it is aware of the transfer location.

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