The Little Waffleflower

In a little over a month my baby is going to be 1. A few months after that, my “big boy” (he’s still my baby), will be 5. How did this happen? Some days I get lost in all the daily things that I forget to pop my head up and see what’s going on around me. Like my boys growing up right under my nose. It seems like just yesterday they were snuggled up happily in my lap, and now more often than not they’re fighting to get down and go discover the world.

Today I’ve had a sick little boy, and had more time to sit and think about things while he’s wanted cuddles and loves. My opinion is a wee bit biased, but I really have some spectacular kids, and I don’t think I focus on that enough. So let me tell you why they’re so great, just because I want too.

1.They love trucks.

Okay, anything with wheels really. Xavier can point out just about any kind of truck, car, or construction equipment and tell you what they do too. He’s shared his fascination with his brother apparently, because he’d rather play with the big trucks Xave has than any of his toys. Hunter began making car noises and “driving” cars a few months ago, and that still amazes me. There’s been a construction crew working on our block for the last few weeks and they both love looking out the window to watch them work.

2.They love being outside.

I know, my first two reasons are pretty common among boys, but it’s still something I love about them. Hunter will crawl to a window or door, pat it, and then look at me longingly with big puppy dog eyes and perhaps a little lip quiver. (He’s good. A little too good…)
Likewise, Xave will jump at any opportunity to run amuck and get dirty, and anytime we go outside he insists on getting the shovel to tear into any dirt he can find. They also love animals. Please don’t be alarmed, if this is bad for anyone we’re pretty sure its the rooster. My sister totes it around the way a Beverly Hills socialite carries her precious lap dog. He hates everyone else, but for some reason he loves her…

3. They actually like their fruits and vegetables.

Yes, you read that right. They like them. In fact, I could even go as far as to say they love them. I can’t chop carrots or broccoli for a dish without turning around to find a little hand slowly reaching towards the cutting board hoping I won’t notice. Yes, my oldest sneaks vegetables. Jealous of my kids yet? Both boys take salad off my plate, and while Hunter can’t actually eat it, he loves peas, carrots, broccoli, and blueberries. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he doesn’t ever grow out of that. (Remember how I said Xavier “sneaks” veggies? Case in point, there’s still dirt on that carrot and I’m sure you can figure out the rest…)

4.They both have very distinct and different personalities.

Xavier is very curious and loves to ask questions. ALL. Day. Long. Sometimes its hard to answer the same question for the millionth time, but overall I really love his interest in the world around him. He can be a real sweetheart and loves to hold hands. Xavier lives in his own little world or trucks and things, and he’s quite happy about it.
Hunter is one of the happiest babies I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, and his smile can brighten the darkest day. Even as a newborn he would try to communicate through body language, and would usually only cry if I just wasn’t getting it. He is becoming more particular about what he wants, and he’ll let you know if he doesn’t like something. He loves snuggles and kisses and lights up when he sees other members of our family.
5. They’re tough, but they still need their Momma.
People quite often comment on the way my boys get right back up and keep playing after a tumble or bonk. While this isn’t always the case, they are usually too determined to continue what they’re doing to let a “little” bump stop them. However, every once in a while they will come over to quickly hug and kiss me and then be back on to their play. It’s usually very brief, but to me it says they might be getting more and more independent, but they still love and need their Mom in more ways than just to take care of their physical needs.

What are some of the things you love about your kids? Do they have their own way of doing something that makes you laugh? Do they love to eat spinach or something else that “most kids” don’t like?


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