Archeage Alpha 2 Ends

It has been extremely too long when I say this, but today was a sad day for me with the end of Alpha 2. I don’t know when was the last time, I was so happy to play an mmorpg game like this before (maybe when my friends moved to World of Warcraft), but it feels great! I have learned alot about the game during the weekend, and realize one important thing about it. YOU WILL NEED ALOT OF TIME into this game. There is just so much to do in this game that you may not even have enough time to get anything done in 1 day. Weather it be farming, housing, or trade runs. Questing & Leveling, well we all know that doesn’t take much time.

It took me about 1 day just to farm the mats I needed just for trade runs. Image how it will be like when I get to building houses, boats, and doing trade runs around fraction zones. It’s gonna be intense! There was a lot I didn’t know when I started the Alpha, for example, I didn’t know that you could start gathering at level 1 or crafting at level 1. Had I know that I would’ve spent some time into gathering materials. That was actually my only complain about the game as well. It’s extremely hard to tell what you can gather, chop, or mine from a distance. You really have to get close to something in which case and exclamation mark pop’s up.

But i guess with all games, this will just get natural once I start playing more. That was the only thing that bother me in the beginning. Other then that, there is absolutely no flaws in this game. Sure questing & leveling is the same as just about any other mmorpg games, but how else do you expect to level?

One thing, I am waiting on is to do some sea battles. I have seen many numerous videos which get’s me excited. I don’t know what to expect form it, and do not even know how to fight on boat throwing or trying to attack the enemy players. I am sure, that I will eventually figure it out. But will take time to get used to.

I am not exactly sure if I want to do a video blog on this game as of yet, but I am looking into my options now. Only downfall to that is that I may not have the time to talk during the recording and not really sure, how I will handle that situation. In Star Wars: The Old Republic, I made video’s on how to get datacorns or something, I forgot what they were called, but I had good results form it. Since I stopped playing it, I kinda lost track of it.

I have also, applied to a Archeage guild, which I will not announce yet, as I am not even sure they will accept me. I choose them because of two reason, one of the reason was that they had already conquered a territory where I was leveling up, and another reason is because they seem aggressive in game. Meaning, they want everything and will get you pissed off quickly. I was watching a youtube video by ZiggiyD as he was doing a trade run. Of course at the end of his trade run, he got pked by the guild I submitted my application too


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