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Did you know that in the fourteen boroughs covered by the Young London Working programme, there are over 29,000 unemployed 16-24 year olds? Can you imagine the economic potential of this group, as well as those graduating or working already? Your competitors have an eye on their future workforce. Here are five simple tips for you to have both eyes on yours.

1) Grow your own
If you buy tomato seeds, plant, water and nurture them, the harvest is cheaper, more tasty and more satisfying than visiting a supermarket. This is also true of your workforce. Create those starter roles in your business and supply chains, embed the progression routes, invest in some mentoring and regular reviews. The medium-long term results will be greater staff retention, greater pride within your business, and a saving to the bottom line. You may even find your future Chief Executive!

2) Keep it personal
A generation of firms have been too easily convinced that a website portal ticks all of the boxes for recruitment. Post a role, then sit back and pluck the best CVs from the pack. Here’s the shock – some of the best candidates will just not bother applying. Why? Well because it often feels like no better than ringing a call centre and holding for half an hour.
The lack of human contact is frustrating, and it makes an applicant feel unimportant and just a number. If all the talent pool sees is your website, shouldn’t you be doing more to be an employer of choice?

3) Be seen
There are tens of thousands of young people in the very borough where you do business. How many of them come in to contact with your company? You could help their learning in the classroom, you could provide some valued industry talks. You could open the doors for tours now and again, you could offer work experience placements. You could sponsor competitions, sports clubs, university places. Why? Because tomorrow they could be closing your deals, or those of the competitor that invested.

4) De-clutter
Some job descriptions read like they were penned by Geoffrey Chaucer! All acronyms, pointless jargon and outdated skills that have been left behind by pragmatic industry developments. Continuing to use those weighty application forms and the ancient specifications may save you some time in the short-term, but don’t expect young applicants to pander to your fussiness. If you want the best, strip out the nonsense, stick to what is essential, and present it in a clear, legible and attractive way. It is a guaranteed way of being recognised as a modern, accessible business.

5) Use Young London Working
We work with over thirty specialist organisations in fourteen London boroughs. We can find you school leavers, apprentices, graduates, and those with significant work experience already. This gives us a unique ability to respond to opportunities with young people you wouldn’t find through your usual recruitment methods. Guaranteed. You will deal with only one person who will work hard with you to understand your business and its requirements. We won’t even insist you use only us. You can run us alongside your website recruitment if you want. You can run us alongside those expensive agencies if you must. We won’t charge a bean, but we may ask for some repeat business!

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