Common Job Interview Questions and Their Answers

Hey! guys, have you ever thought, what would be the Interview Questions you will be asked by the Hiring Manager? I know that you will be wondering about the Interview Questions you will be asked, and how to answer them and crack the interview with flying colors.

It would always be great, when you are better prepared. Well preparedness can be a key factor to get succeed in an interview. The better you prepare, the best you perform. No interview would be the same, where each one follow different procedure. But, there are some basic Interview Questions, which are bombarded in almost all the interview’s. Preparing them well in advance can build confidence in you. Here, are the most Common Interview Questions along with their best answers.


This is the most important question where the interviewer get to know what you are. Here you need to establish about yourself. This is the crucial answer where you can make the interviewer know how you are the suitable one for the position.

Firstly, start with a greeting sentence and introduce yourself. If you have any previous work experience, make sure about which experience you are going to mention. Do not tell all your work experience, but the most relevant 2-3 work experiences which you feel suitable for that specific position. If you are fresher you need to give a brief about your academics, achievements and skills you feel suitable for the role. Tell about you goals and future plans. Do not recite your resume, as the interviewer already have it. Let the interviewer know something more about you rather then the points in the resume. Answering this question in a proper way can build a positive opinion on you. You can even tell something creative but relevant to the role you have applied and interviewed for.

Answer his question with self awareness, as well as considering the requirements of the position you applied for. Well in advance you need to do go thorough with the job you are attending interview for. Then make a picture of the skills required and the responsibilities of the job. Then look into your own strengths. Answer accordingly with the skills you need for the job role as the strengths of yours. But make sure you do not bluff while answering. Always be transparent while answering the questions in an interview.

The way you answer the question of weakness tells about your honesty to the interviewer. Try to answer it with transparency but do not make a negative impression. Be honest and tell about your weaknesses and make sure to mention how you are taking steps to overcome them. Answer this in a professional way, where you showcase even your weaknesses in a positive way.

It is a primary requirement to know about the company for which you are attending an interview. To answer this question you need to go thrown the company’s website thoroughly. The you make note of the important things about the company. Look the “About”, “Mission” and “Vision” of the company. Answering this question properly can make the interviewer feel that you are really interested in working with the company.

Why Should We Hire You? Can be the most expected among the Interview Questions. If the interviewer asks you this, you are lucky enough. Because this is where you get a chance to prove yourself and tell them, how you can be the suitable one for that job role. You have to showcase your skills. Tell the interviewer about how you will be an assert to their company. Make them know about your strengths and build positive impression in them about you. Bring out a belief in you that, you will give your best for the role of job you will get assigned and you will be a positive addition for the team.

Be Straight and Honest in answering this question. The interviewer just wants to know about how well planned you are and what you are aspiring. Your answer should be realistic and clear. Tell how this position will be an addition to your future goals.

When the interviewer asks you this question, never speak anything negative and bad about that company, boss or your colleagues. Tell them how you are interested to work for this company which you applied for. Tell, that you are looking for new opportunities and growth in your career. Never make them notice something negative in you. Make them feel that you are looking for new challenges, growth in your career and show your interest for the role you applied for.

Do not worry what to answer about this. Be cool and confident. Explain about your clarity regarding your change in path of your career. Make them feel that you are clear regarding this switching from one career field to the other. Make relations of your past career to the present and bring out the relevancy between the two. Highlight your passion towards this field you chose.

Be Flexible, and let the hiring manger know it. Make research regarding the packages provided for that role in the industry. Always mention that your amount demanded is negotiable. Don’t be too demanding, just consider your skills, experience, market value for the role. If, you are a fresher better look for for the experience which you can gain from the work done in the company and tell them this. Mention that you are expecting a salary according to the company norms.

Not only to the interviewer have a chance to bombard you with questions, but also you get a chance of asking questions when you were asked this. This is where you need to ask the hiring person regarding your doubts about the company, position, your career growth in the company and other which are only professional. Do not stay dumb when you are asked this question, just by say there is nothing to ask. Be confident and ask relevant queries of yours. Interviewers would like to hear questions from you as well.

Get well prepared with the expected Interview Questions which makes you give instant and confident answers to the interviewer. Always maintain smile and make positive gestures which makes a positive impression towards you. Maintain confidence and positive attitude which is the main key for your success in the interview.

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