5 Power Tips On Network Marketing Prospecting

Network marketing prospecting is the major part of any network marketing concern. Nothing will replace it. This is the bread that is buttered to grease the wheels of the marketing machine, plain and simple. It is Ok to disagree with this, but it won’t change the reality of where your income is generated from.

Prospecting for leads is the backbone of all network marketing realities. You can have a few thousand people beating down the doors for the product, but if you think this is the way you will make your network income, then you are so very, very wrong.

The very nature of network marketing companies will not pay you to just sell the products. The real money and the incentives are all wrapped up with the downline you can create.

There is only one way to create a downline that will provide you with a solid income. You must venture out into the Internet and generate leads. There really is no other way. The alternative is to convince your family, Aunts, Uncles, cousins and second and third cousins (you never met) to become your downline. This would not be any fun at all.

Prospecting Through Your Website – Conveying The Message

1. Have a real passion for your company. This means you must be committed to the products, the company and your compensation plan.

If you do not have the passion for it, then find something else you have a passion for. Life is much to short to be diddling around with something you don’t really care about. In the end, you will not succeed. Blame it on God if you want to, but your commitment to the whole idea of a promotional website will slip down around your ankles if you are not passionate about this thing in your site’s promotion.

2. Have a good opener. When you get all of that traffic to your promotional website to become interested in your company, you better have a great opener to hold them, then keep them reading.

If your network is about a health and wellness company that is appealing to people that want to commit to a healthier lifestyle, then you must appeal to their need.

Make your ad copy flow and be conversational. Engage the visitors to keep reading about the wonders of the products the company produces and how this makes everyone more vibrant, more alive. Talk to them about how their lives can change by becoming a distributor for something they truly believe in.

3. Talk about them, not you. Most people don’t like their jobs and feel they are missing their true calling. Hit some nerves. Talk about others that have discovered this wonderful company and how it changed their lives! Talk about how life began falling into place and began making sense again for others in your downline. Use testimonials!

4. Always address the company in positive ways, while addressing the old ways in a low key negative, and bouncing lightly between the two topics. Some of us feel lost and aimless, without direction when there is no place to go. Then one day, I found something to begin believing in again when I found this opportunity, etc.

5. Good prospecting for leads is to reassure the prospect. Let them know they have the talents and abilities to make a difference, not just in their lives, but everyone else’s too!

I know this sounds like a hype, but everyone has the abilities to reach up and inspire others. Too many people forgot they can do this. You are only reminding everyone that they can still inspire others. This old world could never turn without everyone in it pushing.

Marketing prospecting has always been about re-awakening the best of what we all have in us to shine with. By creating your promotional website to appeal to human nature in a positive way, you cannot go wrong. This will touch people in places they might not be aware of even having anymore. But this is actually helping prospects to find something you might have an answer for.

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