Private Piano Lessons

Just the other day I was talking with a couple of piano enthusiasts about how many years of private piano lessons it would take before you were able to play and continue your piano development on your own.

Everyone agreed that the time line would be different from person to person but there were some common denominators that could greatly help. Before you can play on your own and continue honing your skills you would need a good foundation of music theory. Secondly you would need to be comfortable reading not only both clefs but also some ledger lines on both. The last thing everyone agreed on was that you could easily coordinate both hands together with chords and melody playing intermediate level music. When all these factors were fulfilled you could in theory continue on your own.

However one of my friends was very quick to say how these skills would take an extreme amount of dedication and constant practice. Constant practice with a private piano teacher can be very expensive, especially if you are lucky enough to find a teacher who is actually qualified and knows how to teach. You have to remember that being a good piano player is rarely the same as being a good piano teacher.

Today you no longer need to pay expensive fees for private piano lessons since you already have the best teacher you can find in the comfort of your own home- your computer! The computer can quickly bring you together with the piano teacher of your choice and teaching style. With the amount of quality piano learning software in the market right now you can learn from world class piano instructors in the comfort of your own home. With piano software you are guaranteed that your teacher is going to be an accomplished and experienced where a private piano teacher isn’t necessarily accomplished, since accomplished piano teachers don’t teach beginner classes.

The piano learning software programs are built and planned by piano teachers who know how to get the fastest results and since they sell thousands of programs you save thousands and thousands of dollars compared to taking private piano lessons.

I have tried almost a dozen of the piano learning software out there over the last 4½ years and the one program that I can whole heartedly recommend whether you are a beginner or a more advanced piano player is rocket piano. Rocket piano is taught by Ruth Searle who is a world class pianist with more than 15 years of experience- now that’s an accomplished teacher!

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