The Iolite Vaporizer looks like an IPHONE

How this is the best portable most Unnoticeable.

Iolite Portable Vaporizer

The comes up with the new small, handy, and portable Iolite Vaporizer that you can just put in a pocket. The new Iolite Portable Vaporizer is wireless and doesn’t need a battery to use it nor flame. This new Iolite Portable Vaporizer is easy to burn and can come up to the vaporizing temperature in a few minutes and shows its high performance in 10 minutes. With the use of unobstructed technology, this new vaporizer makes a catalytic reaction from butane and dioxygen. Iolite is the latest and healthiest way to vaporizer anywhere you are and any time you need.

This new Iolite Portable Vaporizer is more than a light weight vaporizer, small but it is really durable that anyone can use, either light vaporizer user or heavy vaporizer user. With the combination of innovative design and the latest technology the Iolite Vaporizer has been made to the classification of next generation in the art of vaporizing aromatherapy herbs anywhere, any time.

This is your time to grab and own the best, latest and stylish outboard vaporizer on the market. The new Iolite Portable Vaporizer manufactured by Iolite gives you the best deals for a great vaporizing experience with lots of freebies includes in the pack when you buy Iolite Portable Vaporizer. Please check the following items included in this new Iolite Portable Vaporizer pack below:

1. 1 Iolite Portable Handheld Vaporizer Unit 2. 1 Iolite Vaporizer Logo Carrying Case 3. 1 Iolite Cleaning Device 4. 1 Iolite Vaporizer Maintenance Tool 5. 1 Iolite Vaporizer Moisture Condenser 6. 1 Iolite Vaporizer Extendable Mouthpiece 7. 1 Iolite Vaporizer 7 Dot Herb Chamber Screen 8. 1 Iolite Vaporizer Replacement Heater Mesh Screen 9. 1 Iolite Vaporizer Instruction Manual

And other items that you can find only at VaporStore included:

? 1 Silicone Tubing – To enhance the performance of your vaporizer. ? 1 Stir Sticks ? 1 Acrylic Grinder

For best results, we recommend if you use Ronson, Braun, Vector or Colibri fuels if you use Iolite Vaporizer. We want you to enjoy and maximize your vaporizing experience and its effectiveness. You have invulnerable store room at home, mobile storage while you are traveling and full moisture disk to keep the freshness of your herbs. To keep a good taste of your vapor, it includes an extreme grinder to save your pollen with stir to mix it and lastly Agent Orange for your glass stays clean. For 25% off the original price, the accessory pack is the must and best buy for everyone for a great vaporizing experience which includes:

1 pc. of Tight Vac .12 L 1 pc. of Party Pack 1 pc. of Blimpie Herb Refresher Disk 1 pc. of Deluxe Pollen Grinder 2 pcs. of Stir Tools 1 pc. of 4 oz. Agent Orange Cleaner

To Buy the Iolite Please Visit VaporStore

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