Installing Apps On 5 Devices

Microsoft has been successful enough to earn the credibility among computer geeks. Everyone waits eagerly for the new product launch of Microsoft. Each and every product is designed keeping the user’s intention and satisfaction in mind. Since Microsoft has many competitors, they tend to provide more facilities that can help them to retain their customers.

Windows 8 is one such operating system that has introduced so many features to the users. Even the launch of Windows 8 was a great celebration in the tech world. To withstand technologies launched by Apple, Microsoft has introduced several apps. It is for sure that they have tried to keep the customer’s perception in mind while introducing these apps. The apps are offered under different labels like Games, Entertainment, Spotlight, Finance and others. They appear just like a trial program which can be used for around 24 hours to 30 days and there are several free apps as well.

The advantage of installing apps from Microsoft is that it can be installed up to five different devices. If anyone tries to install it on an additional device, that is a sixth computer, the one on which you have already installed will be deactivated according to the Terms of Use of Windows Store.

The Windows Store acts as a storefront where customers are given a chance to try different applications of Microsoft. This gives the customers the opportunity to experience whether the applications are user friendly or not. If they find it useful, they can definitely purchase it through the Windows Store. The Windows Store has created a great way in increasing the revenue of the company.

Installing Windows 8 Apps

The Windows 8 installation has storefront installed in it and you will get the Windows 8 apps only in these storefronts. The web based version of the storefront will be provided by Microsoft. Very soon the search engines will include the storefront of Windows that give the entire list of apps introduced by Microsoft. This will definitely attract more and more customers. The links would be provided in search engines and upon clicking these links, the customers will be taken to the online catalog which will lead the customers to the Windows Store app. This would be offered only to customers using a Windows 8 computer.

If you have not tried Windows 8 installation, you can definitely think about trying it.

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