Information about Updating the BlueZone Emulator

Information about BlueZone Emulator

As you all know, BlueZone is new version software delivered by the Rocket software. This was developed to access the different host servers and functions as a terminal emulator. Not to mention, the IBM and other companies poses a major threat to the same. The new version of the BlueZone, namely BlueZone version 6.1 is all set to hit the market with latest Windows 8 transfer features. This latest software enables users to run the other older versions also. The Windows 8 support and help experts point out that the software is compatible with the latest printers and other material devices.

Microsoft experts on the new software

The web deployment capabilities of the new software are beyond comparable. As mentioned earlier, the Windows 8 transfer features are modified to suit the needs of the users. The main aim is to work on the different platforms available since this is a family of terminal emulators. This includes the PC community as well as mobile clients. Different terminal emulators such as 5250 and 3270 are supported by this software. On the other hand, platforms like T27, UTS and VT are also supported. The good news is, important protocols such as HP terminal emulation and WYSE 60 are included for added advantage.

Information about BlueZone Emulator

Windows 8 experts point out that you can run the 32-bit Windows application with the same. On top of that, you can also run the web based application through the different ActiveX controls. The Secure file Transfer protocol (FTPS) is included as a part of the client. Multiple versions of BlueZone can be run with desktops with the release of this software. As such, you just need a single computer for the same purpose. Computer gurus neglect the compatibility problems and agree that the new version will not over write the older versions. For the previous users who had hard time customizing the same, the new version will prove to be quite useful. Better keyboard mapping is one of the main benefits of the software. The navigation pane and other themes are also attractive and user friendly. You can also modify the color themes accordingly with the help of the status bar and toolbar.

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