iPhone 5 Cases Created Expectations For iPhone 5

The announcement yesterday for the iPhone 4S caught a large number of people by surprise as there was an expectation that the iPhone 5 was going to be announced. Many were expecting a revolutionary product release and not the evolutionary product release that was delivered. Other than the A5 dual core chip and the greatly improved camera, the vast majority of features for the iPhone 4S are software in nature. The Siri voice control is the greatest thing associated with this latest smart phone from Apple. It is rather interesting to look at what added to the belief that there would be an iPhone 5 besides the rumors which were coming from Asia.

While there were many rumors about this going around, it was those that showed off cases that seem to greatly add to the credibility of the rumors for the iPhone 5. There were a number of these and one that has been talked about yesterday is Hard Candy and the designs that they presented based on information they were getting from a number of sources. The designs look realistic and match what we were hearing in the rumor mill. The best article on the Hard Candy cases comes from Cult of Mac and it presents the case, no pun intended, that there is indeed an iPhone 5 coming. It provides a great deal of detail that is very convincing.

Another rumor from Thursday, September 29th came from MacRumors where they were showing pictures of the iPhone 5 cases and saying that they were already arriving at AT&T retail stores. That is a very specific statement and one that had many believing that they were indeed arriving at the stores. The pictures looked very good and the statement of them being shipped to and arriving at stores added to their authenticity. On top of that was a screen shot showing iPhone 5 Case-Mate cases in a reported AT&T inventory screen. It is this kind of report that had many believing there would in fact be an iPhone 5 released. There was nothing coming out to say otherwise and past history of these kinds of reports show more information coming out in the weeks leading up to the announcement.

It does look like Apple had their hand in many of the rumors, such as the screen shot of the AT&T inventory database. The cases being reported could also have been the result of Apple feeding information, via a rumor, to case makers as to the shape and size of an Apple iPhone 5 so that they would start to work on them. There have been past examples of where case makers try and get a jump on the rest of the market and get their product out there before everyone else, even before a product is actually released. That was seen in this situation as well.

We will probably not learn much from this past experience and will jump right back in as we start to talk about rumors for the iPhone 5 which is going to come with LTE capabilities which were not included in the iPhone 4S. That is the nature of people to want the next greatest device for themselves and for Apple, it will continue with them creating great devices. As we have learned, it will also continue with Apple using the rumor mill to misdirect people on what they are actually doing.

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