Create a free, super easy and professional website right on smartphone with Weebly

You don’t need to learn any web programming courses, just smartphones and Weebly apps are done.

Today, creating a simple personal website or selling goods is no longer as difficult as it used to be. Mostly thanks to the online programming courses available on media sharing facilities, as well as pre-created web source codes that help users simplify everything in creating a website. However, it is important that you have time to learn, develop ideas, find hosting and domain providers, … in general, it is very time consuming. And to make things easier, Weebly was born.

Weebly is a free service that allows users to quickly create a simple personal website or sell goods without having to learn or refer to any web programming document. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and Weebly app, the rest will be simple editing tasks, adding content and finally publishing. As follows.

Weebly is provided for free on both mobile operating system platforms Android and iOS, readers can easily find and download from the App Store.

At the first use, you will be asked to register a user account, you can use your Facebook or Google account to link and use Weebly.

Next is the section that allows Weebly to be notified to you when there is interaction from visitors on your website.

Weebly’s main interface will have 05 main function tabs, including Home with updated content from your website and from Weebly. To get started, click on the “Start editing your website” line.

Weebly will take you to a pre-designed site editor page to get you started.

The objects in your web form can be adjusted by clicking and selecting Edit.

For example, with photos, you will have options to edit, replace images.

Go to advanced options such as inserting links, locating photos, adding content, etc. all are very supported for you to manipulate.

You can also add pages to your site depending on the ideas you develop.

Especially Weebly also supports SEO setup options for the content page you create.

Weebly also supports users with a very nice interface repository arranged by the topic that userbase targets, as well as their favorite fonts via the corresponding option.

All are free and professional.

After you have completed the website in your favor, click Preview and review the website for the last time. If it is okay, click Publish.

And choose to use your domain name or free from Weebly to publish the website to the internet.

With the Insights tab, you can manage statistical information from your website. However, you need to upgrade to a premium account to exploit this feature.

The Tab Store will be where you manage the orders that you sell on the initialized website.

The Website tab is where you manage the websites you created from Weebly.

To avoid unwanted access to edit on your website, Weebly also provides the option to set up password declaration to protect. You can also choose to customize the SEO for the site again in the Settings section if you want.

That’s basically what Weebly brings, hopefully you will get a website like that.

Download Weebly for iOS ( / Android (